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love is the dancer.

Adriana Monroy


      Dedicated to preserving passion

      through genuine companionship.

Lisa Medford
Founder & Director

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         My name is Adriana. I am a short Latina who is always getting confused for a Philipina. Born and raised in Los Angeles California with parents  from El Salvador,  I consider myself  part Salvi, part Cali.

         I have been dancing different styles of dance since I was 7 years old, but have a huge passion for Hip-Hop. I dance with two crews : Soul Of Cali and the Zulu Maniacs. Though I train at at many dance studios, I consider Millennium Dance Complex my second home.

          My teaching experience includes volunteer work for STAR summer camp as well as working as a dance counselor at World Groove summer camp in Santa Monica. Currently I am assistant coach for Soul of Cali Kid's Dance Club.

       Besides dancing, I was a girl scout for 10 years,  love to swim and spend time with family and friends. I am a person who is always learning something new and wanting to grow not just as a dancer, but as a person.